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How the iPad Affects Your Calgary Business

How to the iPad Affects Your Calgary Business

Today we're going to continue our series on IT products and we'll be talking about the iPad. iPad was a revolutionary device when it came out. If you remember when Steve Jobs first presented to the world and pulled it out of the yellow manila envelope, the ohs and ahs that came from the crowd. The size and scale of it is definitely a big part of what makes the iPad so successful is its sleek and slim design, low weight and portability, that you can take this device anywhere you go and make use it. That made a very personal device. It is a personal computer in that true sense. It's something that you carry with you. You have it in your bag and it's easy to take out. It's easy to turn on. It's easy to make use of at any point in time.

Apple in 1984

I think that there's a big parallel in industry between what's going on right now and actually what happened back in 1984. If you remember in 1984, if you were watching the Superbowl you saw this commercial from Apple. We called the "big brother" commercial where they introduced the Macintosh. You had this imagery of big brother, all of these men who were all the same, all similar and we're all looking up at this one giant screen. That was meant to represent IBM at the time. As sort of the monopoly of the industry, the powerhouse of the industry but that was very business-like. It was very structured. There was no freedom, no creativity, there's no individuality and then along comes this woman she runs into this room and facility and hurls a hammer at that giant screen and smashes it, breaking people free. That was the famous commercial that introduced the Macintosh, Apple Macintosh to the world.

Parallel Today

As I said, I think right now we have a little bit of a parallel situation with the iPad. We tend to lump the iPad a little bit in with the iPhone. "It's one of those phone devices." But, I think that it is significantly different. It's not really a phone. It's not really a competitor for a phone. It's a competitor for your Windows-based laptop. Once again Apple has produced a product that is more focused on the person, more focused on the individual, than perhaps it was on the business. iPads are all about personality. They are all about your apps, your customization, and what you want to do with his thing? Where do you want to go? The tag line "there's an app for that." There's an app for whatever it is that you might want to do. The personal aspect of it is what's made it such a strong force within the market and why so many people are buying it and making use of it. The other aspect, I think, is the touch interface. Being touch-based... Really being designed to be touch-based and not sort of a touch-based concept layered on to an existing system. It's really integrated way of how the iPad works. It is very intuitive and it's very easy to use. That's also what makes it so popular. I think again we have the same parallel of Apple creating a product that's very personal, that's very individualized, very stylized, and colorful. I know it's white, but it is the kind of a colorful product. Really what it is competing with his Windows as an operating system, the current dominant player within the operating system market.  It's been here for a long time. We are familiar with it. It certainly runs on laptops and it runs on tablets, but it really is most closely associated with the desktop computer. Is that a era kind of changing?

The iPad and Your Small Business

As a small or medium-sized business owner in Calgary, you have these two kinds of competing devices. If you're a solo entrepreneur, if you are just starting out your business, you may start your business on the iPad. You may find that you are in love with it and that you can't bear to part with it. You don't want to move back in to that PC kind of world when you establish a little bit of a larger office and a larger environment. Certainly some of your employees are going to have that same feeling. If they already have an iPad for personal use they're going to want to use it for business use. This is where we have this trend of BYOD, Bring Your Own Device to work. Still that iPad is true to itself. It is a personal device. It's not necessarily intended to be used on your corporate network, but it's going to find its way on their ultimately anyways. As a small business owner you have to take a look at these two products and see which one is that a good fit for you. I think the iPad is going to continue to increase in prominence. I think it's going to increase in popularity with yourself and also with your staff. I think Windows is going to have to work hard to produce some innovation, to produce something that can combat that threat and to try to maintain that market share. It's going to be interesting to see as these two products continue to battle. Who will win over that small business market space. This has been Jonathan Nituch from Fortress Technology Planners. We are a Calgary IT consulting firm. We will speak to you tomorrow.

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