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How the divergence of technologies affects your Calgary business

How the divergence of technologies affects your small business in Calgary

Today we are continuing our series on the IT industry and our topic for today is diversity of technology. Last week, we talked about the rate of change and how there is a constant churn and development of new things within the IT industry. One of the effects that that's had, a major effect that it's had, is a diversity and divergence of technologies.

How is technology diverging?

If you go back thirty or forty years, we really only have one kind of technology which was the mainframe. As time has gone on we haven't only development new products that replace that initial technology, but we have continued to add new products and technologies in different areas, that function in different ways, that perform different things and provide different capabilities and benefits to you and your small business. The easiest way to see this is actually looking at the people who are involved with technology. I will use the analogy of the medical field here. In the medical field you have a oncologists. You have proctologists. You have dentists. You have optometrists. You had all these different specialists who are focused on different aspects of medicine and different aspects of the human body. But, you also have the GP. The general practitioner, your family doctor, that you can go to who really can solve a large proportion of your medical issues. He knows enough about all those different areas to be able to help you and be of some benefit and solve some percentage, let's see that's 70% or 80% or whatever it is. Then forward you on to the appropriate specialist whenever that is necessary. What we have in the IT field, is we have all those specialists. But we don't have a general practitioner. The reason is our technologies are so defined; they are so different. They are so divergent. It's not really possible for individual to be competent enough in all those different areas in order to provide you a good level of service and assistance within those different areas of your technology.

Impact on your small or medium Alberta business

When you're looking for somebody to support your small or medium size business in Alberta, you would tend to think: "I'm going to find that IT person IT guy or IT gal who's going to be able to come in and support all these different technologies that I have." As I said, that's really not the case. You're going to have needs for infrastructure: making sure that your basic connectivity is there, that you can reach the internet, that you have a firewall, that things are secure. That's a skillset. That's a mentality. That's a certain type of person that you would need that kind of assistance from. You're also going to have servers and workstations and printers. You're going to have your applications: your basic applications, your productivity applications. You're also going to have your expert systems that are specific to your industry, that aren't relevant to other industries. For managing whatever your business is, whether it's legal firm or a medical clinic or construction office. These specific systems that are related to your industry also may have a specific skillset that's related to them. You can go on and on this concept. You look at your web presence and your website. That's another different skillset that's needed to create maintain that. Your social media presence, that's another different skills and technology.

What can you do?

As you go on and on through the list, it seems very straightforward. "I just want somebody to your support my small or medium business IT needs." However, that person doesn't exist. There is too much divergence, too many different types of technology for your to be able to satisfy that need your business has for IT support with one person. This has been Jonathan Nituch from Fortress Technology Planners. We are an IT support company in Calgary, Alberta. We will speak to you tomorrow.

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